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At School

He will not just be the cool kid who can magically do complex calculations in his head, but you will see the difference in the grades. Komodo's program promotes Whole Brain Development, so your child will concentrate better, visualize a problem better - not just in Math but in every other subject in school. When working with the Abacus, your child will have to move Abacus beads many times to get the correct answer. It is important to remain focused while doing the task which improves retention and concentration skills for your scholar.

Our son, Munn who is 7 years old had joined Komodo at the age of 5. Currently, he is at Komodo level 5, learning 3 digit division with the help of Abacus. Komodo's program has proven immensely helpful in strengthening the basic foundational concept of Math. Munn has not only mastered basic Math concept but he can mentally solve addition, subtraction, and multiplication problems without calculating on a paper. Munn is way ahead of the curve compared to his other classmates at school. Recently, he stood first in his class for completing 100 second grade math problems correctly in 4 minutes. Komodo prepares a child to be confident in Math so that he/she can tackle school related Math problems with ease. We are truly grateful and thankful to Komodo and its teachers for teaching the kids with such dedication and passion. ~Reshma & Mit Majithia
Komodo's innovative curriculum coupled with friendly staff has helped my daughter's develop a fondness for math. Their ability to grasp the nuances have helped them in becoming good in math at their school as well. Thanks to Komodo team. ~Subash Sivakumaran, Parent
Komodo is a fantastic program. My son Rohan loves solving the problems and has gained quite a bit of confidence. He had 'how-to' project this year in his class. So he told his friends how to use an abacus :) ~Prajakta Bhadange, Parent
Aadit's Math skills improved dramatically. He is atleast two grade levels ahead of his class. The program has improved his concentration tremendously!! The fact that he can practice with the app or with Komodo Online is a tremendous motivator. ~Savani, Parent

And Everywhere

In addition to learning mental math skills, the Komodo program provides essential problem solving and concentration skills to your child. The result is a confident child eager for challenges!

Creative Writing Program

Komodo proudly introduces the “Creative Writing Program” for Grades 1-5. The goal of this teacher-led program is to nurture reading and writing proficiency through theme based instruction.

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Abacus - The Right Fit

Like an enrichment program for gifted students, Komodo gives the "right" amount of challenge for your scholar. Our program is tailored to meet the needs of the very young mathematicians and those that have a few years of math under their belts.

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