E3 Strategy


Our teachers are certified elementary and middle school teachers with a passion for teaching. Our small class sizes deliver personal attention and custom learning plans for each child. We encourage and model enthusiasm, open-mindedness, curiosity and reflection in every session.


We know Math. Just like a program for gifted students, our specialized curriculum and approach challenges your young scholar. No more tune-outs because your bright child is underchallenged and bored. We teach our students to be fluent in Math in a sensory way that is tactile and visual. Your child will be able to-

Think Analytically and Sequentially By Evaluating problems based on facts, criteria and logical reasoning
Understand Intuitively Through deep focus, detailed homework problems, time management through ANZAN (Timed, mental math)
Think Interpersonally Through sensory input and eye-hand co-ordination by moving beads of the Abacus up and down
Think Imaginatvely Learning to look at the big picture through visual aids(abacus) and brainstorming
21st Century Skills Our online math practice sheets and our free iphone app


Periodic evaluations help you assess your child's progress. At the end of every level, we provide a test assessment and certificate of completion. Feel your child is over or under challenged? Just stop by for a teacher conference and we'll be happy to talk to you and come up with a plan that's "Just Right" for your scholar.

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Our teachers are certified elementary and middle school teachers with a passion for teaching. They hold advanced degrees in Math, Education and Finance.

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He will be more than the cool kid who can magically do complex calculations in his head. See what parents say about our program.

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