Komodo Language Arts | Creative Writing Program

Komodo's Language Arts program is intended for Grades 1-5. The goal of this teacher-led program is to nurture reading and writing proficiency through theme based instruction. Our structured program stimulates young minds, develops a deeper understanding of reading and writing, and motivates students to become more efficient communicators.


  • Literature connection to writing
  • Integration of reading and writing
  • Helping the student find their voice
  • Improve oral and written communication skills
  • Grade 1-3 and 4-6, age appropriate instruction

Program Schedule

The program is offered once a week for 75 minutes with supplemental work to be completed at home. The Komodo Language Arts program is divided into multiple units and each unit has 4 sessions. The program is very well structured with teacher-led sessions focusing on every child's individuality and needs.

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If you would like more information including class timings and tuition, please contact us by email or phone. Email us at info@komodousa.com or call us at 1-855-9-KOMODO (1-855-956-6636)

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Our ongoing enrollments at several locations makes it easy on your schedule. And schedules change - we don't force you into a one year committment.

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Our teachers are certified elementary and middle school teachers with a passion for teaching. They hold advanced degrees in Math, Education and Finance.

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