Q: At what age should I enroll my child in the Komodo program?
A: Our program is designed for whole brain development and works extremely well for children between the ages of 5 and 12 years.
Q: Do we need to buy the Abacus?
A: We provide all the materials including Abacus and books to all our enrolling students.
Q: What kind of math problems will my child be able to solve?
A: Komodo will prepare your child to solve both basic and advanced math problems including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, as well as square root and cube root. With our program, your child will be able to solve complex math calculations such as 387 * 453 / 2048 in their heads faster than with a calculator!
Q: In this technology age with computers and super computers, is an Abacus relevant?
A: Absolutely yes. In addition to learning mental math skills, Komodo provides essential problem solving and concentration skills to your child. Abacus is both visual and mental in nature; it fosters both left and right brain development.
Q: How can Komodo help my child at school?
A:To be successful in schools, accuracy and speed are the two most important criteria. Our program helps your child with both accuracy and speed in solving the problems using their hidden mental abilities. The program is based upon the method of visualization and conceptualization. This simply translates to enabling the child to visualize the problems and tasks in the form of pictures. This leads to better understanding and improves the memory and focusing skills of a child significantly. This has an overall effect on his performance at academics.
Q: Does Komodo's Mental Math program help my child improve his concentration skills?
A: Yes, absolutely! When working with the Abacus, your child will have to move Abacus beads many times to get the correct answer. If you child makes even one mistake, the answer will be incorrect. So it is vital to remain focused, which enhances concentration skills of your child.
Q: How does your program improve my child's confidence and prepare him for competitions?
A: To be successful and win, accuracy and speed are the two most important criteria. Accuracy is the base and speed comes with time. Our program helps your child with both accuracy and speed in solving the problems using their hidden mental abilities.
Q: How do I know that my child is learning and improving in Math?
A: Our instructors evaluate your child at the end of each level and ensure they are proficient in all areas and standards applicable for that level. Our instructors will also discuss the progress of your child with you on a regular basis.
Q: Do you provide a certificate of completion and how much does it cost?
A: Yes –we provide a Certificate of Completions after your child completes level 8. There is no additional cost for certification.
Q: Does the child have to go through both Mini and Ninja programs?
A: No. Komodo USA provides two groups to ensure that children are placed in the correct age groups and learn at the appropriate pace. Mini is for kids 5-7 years and Ninja is for kids 8-12. Both programs teach the same concepts and topics, but kids will go through the topics at different pace. Mini kids would learn at a slower pace than Ninja kids.
Q: What is the duration of each class?
A: Each class session will be about 2 hours depending on the material. If your child has to leave early, please meet the instructors to let them know or send a note with the child. Otherwise we will keep the student until all the work is done for the session.
Q: What is the maximum class size?
A: The maximum class size is 6 kids.
Q: If my child is sick, do you provide make up classes?
A: Please provide the center staff with as much notice as possible when you are planning to go on vacation. Arrangements will be made for makeup classes in this case. Also if you child is sick, please inform us through phone call or email us and Komodo will make arrangements for a makeup class.
Q: How do I enroll in the program?
A: You can register online or call us at 1-855-9-KOMODO (1-855-956-6636) to enroll.
Q: What's your fees and class schedules?
A: Please call us at 1-855-9-KOMODO (1-855-956-6636) for more information on fees.
Q: Do you offer sibling discount?
A: We offer sibling discount. Contact the center for more details
Q: Is there any annual contract?
A: There is no annual contract to sign.
Q: How can I schedule payments?
A: We welcome payments by credit cards. It is easy and convenient. Payments are made every month and there is no annual contract.

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